The Complicated Political Journey of Alhaj A. J. M. Nasir Uddin

Born on 1st January 1957, at Andarkilla, Chittagong The man of myriad talents named Alhaj Abu Jahed Mohammed Nasir Uddin (A.J.M. Nasir Uddin). Successfully completed his primary level education at Kadam Mubarak Primary school then completed S.S.C. from Chittagong Govt. Muslim High School. Successfully completed his graduation at Chittagong Govt. College.

Started political career from the very root level of his student life. At an initial stage, he elected as President of Chittagong College Chattralegue. And he elected as General Secretary two terms in 1978 and 1981 of Nagar Chattralegue. He also elected as Vice-President two terms in 1981 and 1983 of Kandrio Chattralegue and those times he carried his responsibilities focusing on dignity, honesty, integrity and share passions. Besides his political activities, he took part in Social Development, National Development, Remove Poverty Activities, Recovered several kinds of problems and suffering of Bangladeshi people. Today also he involved with responsible posts of various Non-Govt., Semi-Govt., Public and Private Organizations of Bangladesh and leading his responsibilities very attentively and successfully. Since 1976 A. J. M. Nasir contributing to Awami Politics, A Person who leads thousands of doctors, thousands Engr, more thousands of professionals, lawyers, journalists, bankers A pioneer leader Who never searched for power and position. Facing conspiracy, corruption, touching, and more oppression for four decades Nasir still remained his position and suffering such situations he kept his political group in a family ties unity. At last caretaker Govt. duration all leaders of all political parties arrested except this figure, "The High Court Division made a Rule absolute and directed the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) not to arrest Chittagong Awami League (AL) leader AJM Nasir Uddin", This proves his Innocence, Honesty and Legal political Developer of Bangladesh.

A man of myriad talents, Nasir stands out for his sense of commitment, responsibility, dedication, honesty, integrity and sheer passion in all his undertakings. Out of Politics, he achieved a special renowned in familial, social and sports sectors. He and his family strongly involved in several crucial situations of Chittagong, So the prime supports of the people of Chittagong always focused on him and his family. Besides politics, he developed a large sector of the young generation's sports and social association and he leading his responsibility as vice president of the supreme sector of Chittagong "Nasirabad Co-Operative Society". He never faces any Govt. election and didn't take any Govt. root level post but his implementation for Bangladesh is beyond expression because he believes that to work for developing, Govt. post is not mandatory.

He is a people person. He can effortlessly relate to thousands of other people and is driven to help those who are in need. His numerous social initiatives have led to an overall improvement in the quality of life in all regions where he has business interests, and beyond. A charismatic, dynamic, and a down-to-earth human being who lives life intensely, sincerely determined to reach out to the masses and bring about a positive change in the lives of those he touches And that is Alhaj A.J.M. Nasir Uddin.

Today, the journey of his life stands as a shining example for us. It has the power to inspire us in ways more than one.