A.J.M. Nasir Uddin

Mayor, Chattogram City Corporation


Loud soul crowd of Flood-affected peoples, crucial leading situations of homeless and defenseless family, inexpressible conditions of natural affected bounded humans, Scrambling of human affecting by Famine, crowd for hungry because of Epidemics, crying and hidden pain of a mother who lost child on focus of terrorism, ruin of earning point-murder and murder in open locality injustice, destroyed of general public - YES, that's the inspiration of mine to become in politics.

For a long and long time, I thought by myself what's the alternate path to eradicate those problems of Bangladesh. Researching more and more I achieved my goal and that not another way rather than Politics. I observed that dust is entered in our politics, for this issue we should not ignore politics, someone's should come to clean those dust. So that I have initialized my political career from the very root level of my life. I determined that to eradicate those problems and it's not mandatory to achieve Govt. leadership post due to our's is a Democratic country, where vision of all power at general peoples of Bangladesh. So I can work for the development of them sitting beside them. I also realized that peacefully leading life of a family, the several need will fulfill by Govt. and it's their democratic rights. So my political journey started reflecting on those inspections, feelings only myself. I didn't care whos support me or whos not. But I believe that if I ahead with my honesty, dignity, fear sense then Once I will achieve my destination with successfully- INSHA-ALLAH.

Father of Nation, SK. Mujibur Rahman as my expectation one of the tremendous and pioneer leaders in the world, who sacrificed his root to up only for Bangladesh and for independence and the language of Bengali. His several life slaps make me trembling, and I make my role of politics collected from his life platform. Always my nature, rules, political activities ahead by the focus of his dignity.